How To Achieve A Stress Free Life Through Meditation

Did you know that stress affects millions of people around the world daily and affects every single person periodically throughout life. Stress causes you to lose motivation and takes joy out of your life. It is proven that this condition even affects your weight, blood pressure, and can cause other serious health conditions. To most people, there is a feeling that stress can not be relieved and it is so overwhelming that some even give up on life.

Meditation can relieve or even completely eliminate stress and can cause you to enjoy life and live to your full ability. Meditation to relieve is fully controlled by you and gives you almost instant results. The key to a successful meditation is to close your eyes, take slow deep breaths in slowly through the nose and then slowly release the breath through your mouth. Go ahead and try it. Take a deep breath in slowly through the nose, hold it for a second, and then release through the mouth. Then next step is to concentrate only on your breathing allowing your mind to clear the thousands of thoughts soon you will be completely relaxed, stress free, and in a deep meditation. Continue to meditate for as long as you like or need and once you are finished you will feel completely relieved and able to take on the tasks needed as well as live life to the fullest.

Some people may experience difficulty in meditating at first. This is OK and there are plenty of aids that will help in entering a deep and relaxing meditation state. One of my favorite methods is the use of isochronic tones or binaural beats. These are sound files that play relaxing music that is coded with the correct frequencies that your brain will instantly recognize automatically putting you in the correct meditative state with ease. Another method is the use of visualization of colors and how they rotate within your body of each Chakra.

In conclusion, meditating to relieve stress is natural and very effective. It is safe and allows you to truly use your minds power. I recommend giving meditation a try to relieve stress because chances are it will work for you and will be more effective than any other stress relief regiment you may be using or are going to try in the future. Other methods of stress relief cost lots of money and require so much time for them to begin to work.


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