Ali MacGraw Yoga Mind and Body

Ali MacGraw Yoga Mind and Body

Explore a unique daily fitness regimen with actress Ali McGraw and yoga works, presenting a combination of short and long physical workouts and meditation periods to achieve well-being in body and mind. Year: 1994 Director: Claudio Droguett Starring: Ali MacGraw

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5 Stars A Unique Offering
Considering this video was released nearly 15 years ago, it’s really aging quite well.

Beautifully shot in White Sands National Monument, New Mexico.. production wise, this is the most cinematic yoga dvd I own. I enjoy the music, and it plays a prominent role throughout. You’ll probably either love it or hate it, but thanks to Eric Schiffmann’s excellent verbal cuing, you’ll definitely be hearing this routine much more than you’ll be watching it. Which is something we all want from a good yoga video, right?

As far as the actual routine is concerned, I find it very relaxing. I’m not what you would call a naturally flexible person, and there are some really nice sequences in Yoga Mind & Body that give my challenged flexibility the continued push forward it needs.

I would say this dvd is friendly towards beginners, but I also think it could scare some of them away. Clearly a lot of people enjoy it.. from beginners to advanced yogis. The flow is steady and smooth, the 45 minutes goes by quickly, and it leaves you to rest in savasana at the end.

The Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for a yoga session that’s going to generate a lot of heat and make you sweat – look elsewhere. If your aim is to quiet the mind, stretch, and slow the body down – this should be a welcome addition to your collection.

5 Stars Good Purchase for a Beginner
I’m fairly new to yoga – I know a few poses, have taken a couple classes, and have a dance background – and this DVD has been great. I haven’t made it all the way through because after the first few chapters it gets a bit difficult for me, but I like knowing that I’ve got more challenging yoga to look forward to as I progress. I’ve really got no complaints about this DVD, and I would recommend it for a variety of skill levels.

5 Stars Beautiful
This video is one of the classics of yoga videos – it is filmed beautifully and the instruction is perfect – clear and gentle, which is not suprise given the instructors background, a true yoga instructor.

The poses are accessible to anyone and there is nothing that should be too difficult no matter where your practice stands (I am more towards beginner). The breath work alone makes this a worthwhile addtion.

A must have DVD

5 Stars Great Yoga DVD
Terrific instruction for all levels of yoga. The DVD is worth it for the music alone. Enjoy!

5 Stars great gift
i own the vhs and it’s beautiful. the music is lovely & very do-able, bought this as a gift

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